Meet Weekly Update 27 Dec 2021-2 Jan 2022:Manushi to make a new plan


Meet is one of the most loved TV show. Zee TV serial meet is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episodes. In the latest episodes It is seen that meet unknowingly meets Tej. On the other hand, Jay Pratap Singh visits the house and asks Sunaina to marry someone else.

But Sunaina denies to him and tells that she will not marry anyone else because she wants to wait for Tej. On the other hand meet and her husband both are in Rajasthan for honeymoon. They meet Manushi over there. Manushi tells them that she is doing the job of a waiter in the hotel.

Manushi informs her sister myth that parth home used to love has between her and that’s why she is working at the hotel and earning a living. In the recent episode, It is seen that meet and her husband celebrate Christmas with the other couples present over there.

Both of them unknowingly come under the Mistletoe plant and everyone over their steps clapping and everyone over there asks them to kiss. Meet ahlawat makes meet understand that actually everyone kiss under the Mistletoe plant. He covers both of them with his blazer and everyone thinks that both of them are kissing.

Manushi watches all this and she gets jealous she decides to remove meet from her life . Meet suddenly feels dizzy and Manushi puts her in the luggage trolley. She takes her to the lobby where she meets Tej. Manushi thinks that Tej is a mad person.

Tej tries to stop Manushi, from doing anything to meet and in this the trolley rules and Falls from the lobby Manushi thinks that meet is no more in this world. Meet ahlawat start finding his wife, he calls her meet does not pick up the call he runs here and there to find her.

Finally he finds that meet is hanging he saves her. The next day meet, ask her husband that what happened meet ahlawat tell us that something has happened which was not about to happen. Meet starts crying her husband reveals that he is only joking.Meet takes tej to the restaurant and she calls her husband and asks him to come to the restaurant as soon as possible. Manushi watches meet and Tej together and thinks that what is her sister doing with the Mad Man over there.

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