Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Sneak Peek: OMG! Rishi to meet an accident, Where is Lakshmi?

bhagya lakshmi

Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi is coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode. In the recent episodes It is seen that Malishka gets ready to marry Rishi. But during there waiting something bad happens. Storm starts and unfortunately a pillar falls on which she and he gets unconscious.

Lakshmi runs to the hospital to call the doctor. And on the other hand when Rishi back his senses Malishka tell him that she was the one who has saved him. The Pandit comes there and tells that the mahurat for the wedding is over Malishka says that she will marry she in any condition and asks the Pandit to get ready.

Lakshmi begs to the doctor and brings him so that. He can check Rishi Lakshmi Looks for Rishi at home but when she is unable to find him she hear some sounds of chanting. She rushes and finds that Malishka and Rishi are you getting married.

She gets shocked to see that Rishi also finds that Lakshmi standing in front of them. Lakshmi runs away from there Rishi feels bad for her and he starts following her.Later Aayush reaches there and he gets angry seeing that she is getting married to malishka.

Rishi and Ayush start sending Lakshmi they go back home. Virendra gets to know about Rishi and what he was trying to do he gets angry on him he slaps him. He tells Rishi that if anything happens to Lakshmi then he will be responsible for that.

Virendra tells that Lakshmi is like his own daughter and nothing so happened to her. Later on the go to the police station to lodge a complaint that Lakshmi is missing. The police inform that they can’t resist that the complaint because it has to be 24 hours then only we can lodge a complaint against missing.

Everyone starts finding Lakshmi. On the other hand Lakshmi breaks down completely she starts thinking about both of them. Lakshmi stands at the tip of the Cliff and decides to suicide and end her life.

Bhagya Lakshmi episode 3rd January 2022 update:In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Vijendra, Neelam, and Rishi all of them starts finding Lakshmi and they find Lakshmi’s cloth at the Cliff. Virendra tells Rishi that if something happens to Lakshmi then he will never forgive him and never accept him as his son.

Rishi starts finding Lakshmi he starts running on the road, unfortunately he he meets an accident. A lot of drama is going to happen in the upcoming episode Zee TV daily soap Bhagyalakshmi. The audience is quite excited to know that what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned with us for the latest spoilers and updates of serial Bhagyalakshmi and keep on watching Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi.

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