Anupama 24th Jan 2022 Sneak peek :Who will win Anupama or Vanraj?

Anupama 24th Jan 2022

Anupama 24th Jan 2022 Sneak peek: The shahs and the Kapadia’s celebrate Lohri. Anupama and vanraj start flying kites and both of them compete with each other.

Vanraj tells Malvika that they will win because the game is he is now. Anupama also challenges him by saying that the game maybe in his hand but the person who is playing the game is not in his hand.

Both of them continue to do the competition everyone search thinking that who will win the competition when Kavya comes there and she cuts the thread of the kite that vanraj is flying. Everyone gets shocked to see her.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama tells Pakhi that everyone has a aim in life and she should also have an aim that she wants to fulfill.

Anupama tells her that once she decides what she wants to do in her life she will do anything for making her dream come true.

Hasmukh tell that they should forget all these and should look after the celebrations of the day. He said that they do the competition flying kites.

Anupama finds that samar is very upset she goes to him and explains to him that he is over there but his attention is not there.

She says that if he wants to meet Nandini and call her over there she can go and call her. She asks him to do what she feels like doing.

Everyone gets ready to play the game. Kinjal tell that whoever gets a blank paper will not be able to select their partner. Vanraj receives a blank paper. Anuj says that his partner is Anupama.

Vanraj very cleverly takes another paper and tells that his partner is Malvika. Anupama gets surprised to know that he is telling a lie when the paper falls from his pocket.

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