Meet Serial 20th January 2022: Meet reveals her identity to Anubha

Meet Serial

Meet Serial 20th January 2022:Anubha welcomes the Babaji who is actually meet. Anubha gives some food to him.Meet asks how did you get the money to buy the food.

She says that her daughter answers money and from there she has got the money to buy the food. She tells that taking money from a married daughter is not good.

Meet throws the food.Anubha tells us that her daughter earns money Amma ji says Girls are devi roop. She says who breaks the norms of society is a sinner too and she will be punished after her death.

After this Anubha gets angry with Babaji she tells that her daughter earns money and if he does not want the food then it is fine.

Meet reveals herself and asks that she knew very well that anubha is not like that she asks why did she behave in a bad way the last day.

At the house meet ahlawat asks Rajvardhan where is Babita he says that she will take some more time did decide to go to the terrace and start flying the kite.

Duggu goes to take the kite but Tej stops him from taking it. Manushi gives thread bundle to Tej and asks him to play with it.

Anubha tells meet that she is very much worried about her she says that she knows her daughter very well. She says that money she will try to destroy her house.

Manushi purposely hurts Meet Ahlawat, and his hand bleeds.Tej feels nervous.Meet ahlawat asks him to hold the kite. He tells Isha to be in the first aid box.

Isha fails to find the first inbox and tell meet ahlawat that he she could not get the box. Manushi starts acting she hears her dupatta and puts it on meet’s hand.

Meet Ahlawat calls Meet saying he needs her but she didn’t take his calls. He thinks that he can take the help of his wife repeatedly.

He starts making gift for his wife. Manushi helps Babita in Draping the saree. Babita gets impressed and asks her that were did she learn.

She says that she knows it from childhood. Manushi asks whether she can work with her. Babita give her the opportunity.

Meet remember what her mother has said and ask Manushi how is she feeling now. Manushi tells that she is feeling fine.

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