Meet S01 1st January 2022:Meet Ahlawat and meet spent some romantic time

Meet 1st January 2022

Zee TV serial meet new and interesting twist in each and every episode. Today’s episode starts with Manushi. Manushi puts meet in a luggage trolley and pushes the trolley. Tej gets surprised to see her over there.

Manushi get scared and put the light on his face. She asks him to keep quiet and she again starts pushing the trolley in which meet is sleeping. Tej tries to save meet and unfortunately the trolley roles and falls from the lobby.

Manushi tells that she is not responsible for all this and she leaves from there along with tej.Meet ahlawat start finding meet he calls her but meet does not pick up the call. He suddenly appears that the phone is ringing.

He follows the ringtone of the phone and it reaches the lobby he finds that meat is hanging from the window and her hands are tied. Meet ahlawat some house saves her.

He understands that she is not in her senses because she is drunk. On the other hand Sunaina tells Jay Pratap to leave the house . She says that because of him the whole family is in trouble.

Rajyavardhan comes there and asks Jay Pratap to stay over there. He says that Selena can’t see the thing which both of them can see. Rajvardhan feels weak and gets unconscious. Babita comes and takes care of him.

Meet ahlawat takes meet to room and ask her to take rest. But meet continue to hug him. She asks that whether he knows the responsibilities of a daughter.

She tells that Babita has given a task before she was came there. He says that Babita has asked her to make a place in her husband’s heart and to make the relationship stronger.

Meet ahlawat and meets both spend some quality time with each other. Rajvardhan thinks that his son Tej is back and he images Tej in front of him. Back to reality, Sunaina asks Rajvardhan to have some food.

Her husband says that he is very upset with her and he will not listen to her until she listens to what he is saying. Sunaina requests him but he does not pay attention to her, Sunaina leaves from there

Sunaina remembers that she has promised me that she will take care of Rajvardhan. She thinks that how will she answer meet when she will come back home. The next meet wakes up and her husband gives her a glass of water.

Meet asks her husband what happened last night, her husband tells that the last night that thing happened which should never depend. Meet starts crying her husband says that actually she was looking nothing happened last night.

Meet tell that he is telling all ways to make her stop crying she knows if she continues to cry her husband says that, he is not lying. Meet asks that who has changed the dress she was wearing the last night.

Meet ahlawat it explains that he called a woman from the reception who helped her to change the dress. Money she comes to the room to give the breakfast and she was surprised to see meet over there

Meet ahlawat asks Manushi that who has mixed alcohol in his wife’s drink till last night. Meat says that Manushi does not work in the drinking area so she does not know anything and asks her to leave.

Sunaina somehow makes Rajvardhan agree to eat. On the other hand Tej remember some memories from his life. Manushi watches Tej and meet together and things that work that they do in together.

Meet takes Tej tour restaurant, and thinks that where is her husband she calls her husband and asks him to come. Meet find a diary with Tej She reads the diary, she tells that in the diary there is Sunaina’s name. She says she says that she also have a family member Sunaina.

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