Meet 5th January 2022: Thank God! Meet Ahlawat finds Meet

Meet 5th January 2022

Meet starts screaming and asking for help but no one comes here to help her she feels suffocated because she fell down in a pit and she is claustrophobic. She starts feeling uncomfortable and starts shouting for help. Meet ahlawat waits for his wife.

Meat remembers what her husband is told her she remembers that her husband took her there when she will feel claustrophobic she must see the watch and count. On the other hand meet, ahlawat starts finding meeting. He asks the local people whether they have seen his wife.

The people were there tell that they have not seen anyone. Luckily some people tell him that meet has gone towards the desert. But the people warn him that it he must do whatever he wants within 24 hours because our sand storm is coming. He asks them to help him out to find his wife.

Meet feels good and thanks to her husband for helping her out. Meet ahlawat and two other people start finding meet after some time that local people tell him that they can’t go ahead because it is dangerous. He says that he can’t stop and he asks them to return and he starts finding a meeting.

Manushi loses her way . She hides near the tree and things that she can’t fall in the pit. She thinks that someone will come there and help her. The next morning meet comes out of the Pit after several trials. Meet ahlawat start screaming and he falls into a pit.

But he comes out of it, the sandstorm starts to meet, and her husband both start finding each other. Meet ahlawat after a lot of struggle finds how to meet. He holds her hand and brings her near him. He takes her in the arms and saves her at last. He asks her where did she go, he says that he thought as if she has lost her.

The makers of the show are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience tuned to the show. To get the latest updates of the show stay tuned with us and keep on watching Zee TV serial ‘Meet’.

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