Kundali Bhagya 5th January 2022:Karan and Preeta meet each other

Kundali Bhagya 5th January 2022

Kundali Bhagya upcoming episode 5th January 2022: The makers of the show are coming up with a new and interesting episode. The fans are already very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.

The promo of the upcoming episode as soon released on YouTube. In the promo It is seen that Karan meets Preeta. He tells her that she has not changed. She says that she is warning him because she has not come to that house as his wife.

Karan get surprised to hear this she says that she has came to the house. And before she could say something Karan says that he knows that she has come to that house as an owner. He says that Preeta can’t do all this with family and he knows that very well.

Prithvi tells that he has increased the doses of medicine for Mahesh so that he becomes more mad. He says that by doing this he will prove it to Preeta that Mahesh is really a mad person and he has mental problems. Sherlyn asks Prithvi that why does he sound fearful. Prithvi tells that he is never afraid of anyone.

So far it is seen that Karan wakes up and remembers what happened last night he gets excited to meet his wife. On the other hand everyone stands in the hall while Prithvi eats his breakfast. Preeta comes there and asks that where the rest of the family members.

Rakhi says that Sherlyn and Natasha sleeping. She also inform her that in there house Prithvi eats the breakfast first and then they have the breakfast. Preeta gets surprised to hear this she says that now she is not the house so you’re when will be following her rules.

She takes the plate from Prithvi before he could eat, he gets angry on her and shouts at her. She says that she will take a decision everyone have to listen to her. She says that it is the first status why she is not telling them anything but from the next day she will not tolerate anything against her rules.

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