Meet 4th January 2022: OH NO! Meet’s life in Danger

Meet 4th January 2022

Meet ahlawat asks which color does she like. Meet asks her husband that why is she asking this question. She says that she her favourite colour is yellow colour. Her husband asks that why is her favourite colour yellow colour.

Meet ask him that why is his favourite colour blue colour. Meet ahlawat tell that his favourite colour is Ocean blue colour because the sky and ocean meet in the same place.

Meet says that he has not thought so much about the colour but she likes yellow colour because only because he wants other people to be happy. Her husband receives a phone call and he leaves from there.

On the other hand at the house Rajvardhan returns,he tells Babita that the groom has agreed for the marriage.. Babita asks him that whether he has given the basket that she give it to him

Rajvardhan says that he has given it and he has also given the letter that Sunaina has wrote for him. Babita asks that how can he do like this because he knows very well soon and can’t accept anyone other than Tej.

Rajvardhan tells Sunaina and Babita to stop making plans to stop the wedding. He says that the name of the boy is Ravi and he was with Sunaina and Tej in the same college.

He tells that Ravi used to love Sunaina but Sunaina and Tej got married that’s why he was not able to express his feelings. Manushi pushes meet Into the fire and later on saves her.

Meet ahlawat comes there and ask whether meet is ok she says that she is absolutely ok because Manushi has saved her. Both of them spends quality time with each other.

Sunaina tells that she can’t marry anyone else because she can’t give the place of Tej to anyone else. Babita says that there is only one option left she asks her to run away. Masoom hears all this conversation and decides that she will never let this happen because she does not want Sunaina to be a part of the property.

Meet and her husband looks at the stars through the telescope.Meet ahlawat starts coughing with says that she will bring some water for him. Meet find that the woman who saved her is crying.

She questions the women that what is wrong with her. Manushi very cleverly says that her life is in danger but she does not worry about herself she only worries about her children and she runs away from there.

Meet also starts running after her Manushi hides herself. And meet unknowingly falls into the sand Manushi things that she has succeeded in her plan son now meet will not come into between her and meet ahlawat.

Credits-We have seen the episode on the OTT platform.

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