Anupama Episode 465,4th Jan 2022:Romance! Anuj admires Anupama


Anupama episode 4 January 2022: Anuj asks whether she is upset with him because she has got to know the truth just now. Anupama tells that it doesn’t matter to her about his past. Anushka tells her that she has always respected his parents.

He says that he always wanted to prove himself as the best because God has given him so much in his life. He says that that updated children are the luckiest children because they have two parents. On the other hand vanraj finds that Malvika is cleaning the room.

He comes and asks that why she cleaning the room she says that she wake up early and then she is thought that what should she do and that’s why she thought for cleaning the room. Malvika asks him whether he was shocked when he learnt about Anuja and her.

Vanraj says that yes he was shocked. On the other hand Anuj tells Anupama that he got the love of his parents more than Malvika because he has been not time with his parents that’s why after his parents passed away he wanted to give all the things to Malvika.

Anuj tells that sometimes he feels like the king of the world. He says that the day is not good but the moment is very special for him because informer is with him. Anupama puts crown made up of paper on Anuj’s head and she says that now he looks back again.

Malvika tells vanraj actually her brother is stupid on some sites sometimes she says that he wanted to give all the property to her. She says that she can’t even handle simple things and Anuj wants to hand over the whole business and the Empire to her.

Vanraj asks Malvika that why she does not want to take the business and properties. She says that she does not want to be stuck in one area of the life. And being the owner of a business under properties means to be stuck. Anupam and Anuj sits in a park and speaks to each other.

Anuj says that it doesn’t matter how much money he has earned. Anupama asks him whether he does not think that money is also required. Anuj says that money is essential but middle-class people does not know that they are the most lucky persons.

He says that middle class people maybe have the problem of money but they are at least that the time to spend with the family and to eat the meals together with family. Anuj says that he can’t even remember when he has put his foot on the soil for the last time.

He says that he does not like to be ready always wearing the suit. Malvika tells vanraj she does not want to take the burden on her he says that it is not a burden it is a power. Malvika asks him whether he is trying to manipulate her .Vanraj ask her that what happened 10 years before Malvika leaves the house.

She tells that she should freshen up, and she leaves from there. On the other hand Anupama says that she does not want anything from Anuj. She says that she is very surprised at times because Anuj has loved her for 26 years. Malvika tells sorry to vanraj . She says that she does not want to speak on that topic.

Malvika asks him to forgive Kavya and to patch up, she says that she has lost so many relations in her life that she is very afraid of losing any solution.Vanraj says that he has made a mistake by marrying Kavya and now he is collecting it. Malvika hugs him, Kavya watches this from the window of the kitchen.

Anupama tells Anuj that it doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. Anuj says that there is one more truth that she does not know about them. Anupama asks whether it is about that thing which Anuj was saying that day. Anuj tells yes, Anupama says that when he will feel comfortable I can tell it. Anuj thinks that he cants tell it to her ever.

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