Meet 3rd January 2022: What is meet scared of? Meet ahlawat fails to met Tej


Meet asks Tej weather he likes the pasta. He says that he likes the pasta very much meet tells that he is her husband also likes the pasta very much. Meet things that where is her husband and she waits for him.

Manushi thinks that what is meet doing with the beggar she thinks that meat is now a very rich women still she is spending time with this useless person. She leaves from there.

On the other hand meet ahlawat comes near the hotel when the manager tells that they have asked on the stuff to come down stairs because he has lodged a complaint against them.

He goes with the manager to check. Meet keeps on thinking that where is her husband.Meet ahlawat tells that he wants to check the CCTV footage off last night.

Manushi thinks that she is gone because she is the one who has done all this with her sister and now no one can save her. Babita tells Rajvardhan that Sunaina has agreed to marry.

Sunaina overhears a conversation and she starts crying she thinks that she can’t see Rajvardhan in that condition that’s why she has said yes to the marriage.

Babita arranges the gifts that they have brought for the groom’s family. Jay Pratap tells Rajvardhan that they have always treated soon as their own daughter and he will also make sure that he does not let them down.

Babita leaves later inside the gives so that the wedding does not happen the manager asks Manushi to take meet ahlawat to the CCTV room Manushi asks meet ahlawat that from when he has started talking her because he used to love her very much.

Meet ahlawat checks the CCTV footage and finds that the half of the footage is missing. The manager asks him not to lodge any complaint against them to the police because it is their reputation.

The manager promised him that if he suspects anyone from the staff he will fire that person.Meet ahlawat agrees to him, he goes to the cafe and find meet sitting over there. He asks her that where is her friend. Before she could tell him about Tej meet ahllawat receives are important call.

The manager asks Manushi to go to room number 229, she thinks that it is meet ahlawat who is calling her. But she finds that they are not in the room she comes to the reception and asks about them.The receptionist says that they have already left the hotel.

Meet and her husband enjoy the camel ride . The visit a restaurant to have some food after sometime.Meet ahlawat tells meet how he and his brother used to enjoy in their childhood.Meet tell that he was a scared person since childhood.

Meet tells that she is very afraid of closed places, her husband asks whether she has close to her we are not she says that she is very afraid of closed places. Meet ahlawat ask her to cool down. Manushi thinks that she will find out meet ahlawat and meet anyhow.

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