Meet 10th January 2022:Meet and Meet Ahlawat gets shocked hearing about Sunaina’s second wedding


Manushi thinks that the family is planning to celebrate the new year but they have locked her in the room. She hears someone’s footsteps. The meet comes there and tells her to thank you for bringing this back to the house.

She tells her that she knows that money she is planning to start her new life and she will not let her stop. She tells that she needs to take rest and then she can leave the house tomorrow. Meet says that Rajvardhan has already booked our tickets and she will give it to her.

Meet Ahlawat brings Tej downstairs after making him ready everyone gets happy seeing Tej with them. Meet also comes there and joins them her husband compliment her for her look. Meet also compliments her husband that he is also looking very good.

Babita says that the family has got together after many years and they need to do things that they always do. All of them search dancing Tej starts playing with balloons. He sits down playing with balloons. And everyone surrounds him and starts dancing.

Manushi thinks that it was about to be her life but now her sister is enjoy in the life. Meet ask her husband that when will Babita surprised Sunaina meet ahlawat asks Babita about Sunaina she was the question and leaves from there.Meet decides to call Sunaina.

Sunaina thinks that it must be that it does not know the truth till now. Babita takes the phone from her and switches it off. Meet asks Babita whether she is hiding something from them. She asks Babita that Sunaina was the one who was waiting for Tej for all these years.

Babita asks Ragini to take Tej to his room. Babita in forms that Sunaina is no more in that house because she has got married and the only person responsible for this is Rajvardhan. Meet and her husband gets shocked hearing this. On the other hand Ragini asks Tej to seat in his room.

Manushi makes another plan she somehow brings Tej in her room by showing him a toy she bring a flower vase. Tej thinks that she will be hurting him with that but Manushi tells him to hurt her. Manushi thinks that she has came this will long and she can’t go from there with empty hands.

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