Bhagya Lakshmi episode 10th January 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi episode 10th January 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi episode 10th January 2022:Neelma tells that for rishi today she and Virendra have fought and now his father is not even speaking to him. She tells that for rishi’s childhood nature everything has been destroyed.Neelam blames him for all the mess that has happened.

Malishka asks Neelam that does she know that that rishi was in danger the last night she tells that how the pillar fell on him.She tells that she has saved rishi from the accident. Neelam asks whether it is the truth that she has saved her son. Rishi tells that it is true that she has saved him.

Dadi thinks that how can you help him in becoming this she thinks that Lakshmi has left the house and no one has anything to say about her even if she is not feeling anything for Lakshmi less than sorry things for the family. She feels very bad and she leaves from there.

Malishka tells that she also can save Rishi from the problems in his Kundli. Lakshmi reaches home and tells Shalu whatever has happened to her free time before. She says that everyone including Virendra is know that recent Malishka in a relationship.

She tells that the whole family has betrayed her very badly. Shalu gets angry she says that how can they behave like this with her sister she says that she will be going to that house and will confront everyone. Bani says that she will be also going to that house.

Lakshmi asks them to stop but they say that they can’t keep quiet because their parents had alive at that time they would have also told that same thing. But Lakshmi says that they will not go. On the other hand Neelam gets angry on Rishi and Malishka for their behaviour.

Neelam goes upstairs, Rishi gets ready to follow her but Karishma asks him to wait she says that it is only drama going on in the house and everything will be ok with time. Ayush goes to Virendra, Virendra tell him to do some work she asks you to get the information that Lakshmi has reached her house or not.

Aayush calls Shalu, Shalu gets angry on him she says that she left her sister in that house and she thought that he is a very good human being and he will be taking care of her she asks him not to call in that number anymore. Ayush tells Virendra that Lakshmi has reached the house.

Ayush tells Rishi about Lakshmi, Malishka things that is she will have to do something to remove the ghost of Lakshmi from Rishi’s head. Rano calls her daughter and tells her whatever has happened. She says that Lakshmi has returned home, she says that if you have informed earlier than she could have ask for money from the Oberoi’s.

Pritam hears all this and gets shocked. He goes to Lakshmi and tells that he is with her and nothing will happen. Rano comes over there and tells the house is her property and she will decide what Lakshmi will do ,she says that Lakshmi will be returning to her in-laws the very next day.

Lakshmi and Rishi both remember about the lovely moments that they have spent with each other and get emotional. A lot of drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes of zee TV daily soap Bhagyalakshmi. For the latest updates and spoilers of the shows stay tuned with us and keep on watching Bhagyalakshmi .

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