Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2022 : Prachi fails to tell her feelings to ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2022: Ranbir finds that Sahana is crying he asks what happened to her. He also tells that he will speak to the father of the baby.

He says that he knows how much important is the love of parents for a baby. Sahana asks him to speak to Prachi but he says that he will not.

He says that he does not want to make misunderstanding between them and create problem between them so he won’t speak to her.

Sahana goes to Prachi and Prachi gets shocked to see her in tears she asks her one as her when she informed that Ranbir made her cry.

She says that you she will take the revenge. Sahana tells that there is no need of taking revenge because it is the old Ranbir.

She tells her what has said and told to her. She says that if he is taking care of her so much then what will happen if he gets to know the truth that Prachi is pregnant.

She asks Prachi to tell the truth to Randy she agrees to tell the truth she go to Ranbir’s room and knocks the room. Prachi asks Sahana to tell the truth.

When Ranbir open the door both of them keep quiet and Prachi asks. No one says anything and Prachi tells him that Sahana can live without him.

Sana tells that she needs to go to sleep and she leaves from their Ranbir closes return on her face.Rhea feels happy after seeing this the next day rhea wish everyone happy Lohri.

Aliya asks Rhea that’s why she looking so happy she says that something as up in the last night which is making her very happy. Then she tell how Ranveer misbehaved with Prachi.

Prachi comes then takes everyone’s blessing.Rhea asks Ranveer when will he wish everyone happy Lohri he says that his mood is not well because he fought with one person the last night.

Diljeet finds that Sahana is crying and asks otherwise she crying she says that she can’t see the separation between Ranbir and Prachi.

hahana says Ranbir and Prachi are unable to see it. Daljeet says very soon they will notice.Dida says they will resolve their issues as they can’t let Rhea involve between them.

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