Kum kum Bhagya spoiler alert: Prachi hugs Ranbir, Rhea feels jealous

kum kum bhagya

Kum kum Bhagya spoiler alert: Jay announces the next round for the game and he introduces a twist in the game.

On the other hand Ranbir, Pallavi and Dida get out of the game.Rhea thinks that is the final round and she must win the game.

She thinks that if she wins the game then she will be able to hug Ranbir. And she wants Prachi to see that and get jealous of her.

In the last round, she remembers what Alia has said to her. She decides to push Prachi as soon as the music stops and win the game.

The music stops and she takes the chair and pushes Prachi. In this tussle, Aaliya falls down on the ground, over her face, while Prachi lands into Ranbir’s caring arms.

Prachi does not lose her concentration and she sits on the chair and she wins the game. Despite of all the evil plans rhea loses the game.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he will be hugging her. He says that he wants to hug her not because he is feeling like but because she deserves it.

He says that Prachi won the game and according to the rule of the game it is a prize for her both of them hug each other and rhea watches only son feels jealous.

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