Ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin written update 17 January 2022: Sai misunderstands Virat thinking Sahas is Virat’s child

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein
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Ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin written update 17 January 2022: Sai crying. She thinks that how can Virat betray her like this.

Pulkit comes over there and tells that he has told that he is not going to do this surgery of Shruti.Sai tells that when she asked Shruti she told that she is merit for one and half an year.

Pulkit says that the thing is clear that Virat has betrayed her even being married to her he has married another woman. He says that he will be not doing the operation.

He tells that he can do the operation of a woman because of sai life has been destroyed. On the other hand Shruti asks whether sai is Virat’s wife.

Virat tells the truth to her that sai is his wife. She says that for her he is going through all this and it is she who is responsible for this.

She asks him to leave her because of her his life is ruined. She asks to give the number of his wife so that she can speak to her.

Virat says that it is useless because sai has already left the house. Pulkit decides to inform Samrat about all days and he goes to call him.

Sai ask him not to call the house and inform them because they will be not able to take the pain. She reminds him about the oath open doctor.

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