Bhagya Lakshmi 13th January 2022:Neelam Looks For Lakshmi

bhagya lakshmi

Darshan and his friends make fun of the other friend and give him the credit card. He says that it is the third time in a row that he is coming to the hospital and he asks different to leave. Lakshmi asks that why can they only think about a person and not about money.

She receives call from the interview and she is about to pick up the call when she finds that another boy is in danger she goes to save the boy. Darshan friend’s whether the girl is a nurse Lakshmi Darshan says that she is not a nurse but she is interview number 6.

Neelam searches for Lakshmi,rano informs her that Lakshmi is not at home and she has went out. Neelam tells that Lakshmi did the wrong thing by leaving the house because it is only a misunderstanding and she has left the house for a simple thing.

Neelam starts speaking about the middle-class habit of Lakshmi.Rano tell us that as soon as she will return home she will tell her to return to the in-laws. Shalu tells that her sister Lakshmi has done the best thing and the right thing. She says that they don’t have parents but they have her sister.

Shalu tell that her sister is the main strength for both of them. Neelam says that it is useless speaking to them because if a person throws a stone in the dirty water then that dirty water will come on that person only.Rano says I will call you once Lakshmi returns home as she went to search for a job. 

Lakshmi’s file false down. She asks the nurse how is Amar, the nurse says that it was an acid attack. Amar gives them chips. Lakshmi scolds him to not eat them then she gives them a list of good food then she receives a call saying they gave the job to someone.

Darshan asks Lakshmi to join their company and worked as a sales executive. Lakshmi returns home and the informs them that she has got a job of rupees 15000. Pritam says that her parents must be very happy for her heart today. Lakshmi sees her father’s photo and gets emotional.

On the other hand Neelam returns on Karishma tells her that the Pandit might be making their fool by saying that Rishi is in danger because Malishka has saved Rishi. Neelam says that it is a lie. Rishi returns home, Neelam asks that where has he gone.

He says that he is absolutely ok there is no problem on the other hand Malishka waits for Rishi. She tells Neelam that he must leave because he has some important work Neelam asks or not to leave the house. Shalu tells Lakshmi that Neelam came over there.

She says that Neelam was still blaming her for all that has happened. Lakshmi says that Neelam was trying to stop her so that she does not leave the house but she did not listen to her because she wanted to move ahead in her life. Lakshmi asks her sisters promised her that they will not speak about the Rishi and his family.

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