Anupama 14th January 2022 Promo Alert: Anupama warns Vanraj to stay within his limits


Anupama 14th January 2022: in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anupama will ask vanraj what was he doing with Malvika all alone. He will tell Anupama that there is nothing between him and Malvika.

He will tell Anupama that there is only a professional relationship between him and Mallika and nothing more than that. Anupama will tell that and it must be till the professional relationship only.

Anupama will tell him that if he tries to do something more in this relationship then he will find himself in the state and in the position that they were few days ago. Anupama will tell him that sometimes Malvika forgets that it is a professional relationship.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama makes pakhi understand that she should not always follow what her friends are doing. Pakhi says that she wants to perceive her father’s educations abroad.

Anupama says that there are lots of good colleges and institutions in India as well as in Ahmedabad and she can do her education there then why she trying to go outside India.

Anupama says that people go abroad to pursue education after graduation. Pakhi tells her that when Kinjal and Nandini say about all the things that they have done in their life she feels left out.

Anupama says that it is her time to educate herself now and later on she will get lots of time to enjoy the life. Malvika and Anupama reaches the office and finds a Anuj and vanraj fighting with each other.

Malvika tell Anupama that there will be a be quite after sometime Anu says that there is nothing like that and they will not go to that extent. Anuj tells that vanraj made a mistake and that’s it and there is no problem other than that.

Vanraj tell that it is not like that but I think is Anuj does not trust him at all Anuj tells that he’s trusts him.Vanraj ask Anuj that if he trusts him then he would have given him the opportunity to present himself in the meeting other day.

A lots of twist and turns will be seen in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The audience is very interested to know that what will happen in the upcoming episodes. The makers are coming up with new and interesting episodes which is keeping the audience tuned the show.

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