Udaariyaan Latest Twist: OH NO! Jasmine to get arrested


In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Jasmine’s father goes to the police station and asks to police to arrest his daughter. He brings the police to the house Jasmine gets shocked to see the police.

In the latest track is been seen that Tejo and fateh has gone for picnic. Tejo feels bad because she have to stay with fateh. When she gets to know that she will be traveling with him she asks him that was he doing all this.

Fateh tells himself that he only wants to stay with her all the time. On the other hand Jasmine speaks to Angad. Angad threatens her and says that he will reveal the truth to Tejo.

Angad tells that he will tell the truth to Tejo about what Jasmine is trying to do and then he will win her heart and her. Jasmine says that the plan is good but he will never win Tejo.

Jasmine tells that Tejo will love only one person in her life and that is none other than fateh. While travelling the bus gets punctured and it starts raining.

Tejo and Fateh steps down from the bus and ask the students that they have to stay over there and help the student to make their camps. Fateh says that he will look for some food.

A lot of twist will be seen in the upcoming episode of Colours TV daily soap udaariyaan to get the latest news and updates of the show stay tuned with us and keep on watching udaariyaan .

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