Udaariyaan episode sneak peek :Angad thanks fateh,Tejo gets back her senses

voot udaariyaan

Udaariyaan episodes sneak peek :High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan. Till now it is seen that Tejo starts finding Riya. And she, unfortunately, gets into her bad situation. Everyone on the road start burning the shops.

A man comes from behind and hits Tejo on her head, she gets unconscious and fortunately, Fateh, watches all these he runs to her and saves her. He stops the man and starts fighting with them after fighting he takes Tejo to the hospital. The doctor tells that Tej has already lost a lot of blood heat tells the nurse to take her to the operation theatre.

Fateh starts thinking that why this happened to her because she has never done anything wrong with anyone. The nurse comes and asks him to do the first aid because he has also got wounds. Fateh gets the first it done and what’s for Tejo.

The nurse comes and asks him to fill up the form Angad gets to know about the accident he comes over there and asks about the age of the hospital staff says that he is ok now and she is doing well. The doctor tells him that a man came there and has admitted Tejo.

voot udaariyaan

He says that he wants to meet that man fateh decides to leave from there before anyone finds him over there. Angad asks that who has saved Tejo, the nurse shows him that who is the man.Fateh hides his face so that angad does not recognise him.

Angad thanks him for saving Tejo, he says that she is his life. The doctor comes and tells him that Tejo has got back her senses.Angad goes to see her.Tejo recalls Fateh. He says a nice person has got you here on time.Fateh thinks why are sorrows there in Tejo’s life.

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