Bhagya Lakshmi Spoiler Alert: Lakshmi stops Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi Spoiler Alert

The upcoming episode of serial Bhagyalakshmi, episode it will be seen that malishka makes a full plan to get married to Rishi. On the other hand wish Rishi asks Lakshmi whether she got the wound because of him. Lakshmi says that she does not worry about this wound.

She asks that what will happen if she gets injured someday. Rishi tells that she is very good, he says that if he doesn’t mistake maybe she will be not able to forgive him. She asks her that she should always take care of herself. She says that she is scared of nothing when she knows that you will be with her .

Rishi asks her to for her foot step, he applies to ointment. Rishi says that she always takes care of others and she does not take care of herself, he reminds how she saved the life of the old Women outside the temple. Let me tell that she does not care about anything she only gets upset when he gets angry on her.

Malishka, thinks that she has made the right decision by deciding the wedding date. She thinks that now because of her Rishi and Lakshmi will be separated. She messages to Rishi I love you Rishi also message to her I love you too.

Lakshmi gets a bad dream that someone is taking away Rishi from her. Lakshmi shouts and wakes up, Rishi ask her what happened she says that he should not leave her alone.

The makers of the show are coming up with a new and interesting twists in each and every episode which is making the story of the show more interesting for the audience.

Stay tuned with us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show and keep on watching the show bhagya Lakshmi the show can now also be streamed on the online platform ZEE5.

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