Udaariyaan episode 241 spoiler alert: Fateh meets Tejo at the party


High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Jasmine calls at the hotel and asks for Angad. The receptionist tells her that she will be not able to give the number.

At that moment a man comes over there and speaks about angad he tells that that will be going to attend the party. Jasmine overhears all this conversation. The receptionist asks Jasmine to give her phone number so that she can tell her when angad returns.

Tejo speaks to rupi and asks him if jasmine has called him or not.He think that fateh has told him not to say anything to her about them as she has started her new life.Tejo’s mother goes to tell the truthh but rupi stops her and tells tejo that jasmine is happy in canada.He tells that fateh has also got a job in canada.

Jasmine cuts the call she thinks that now she will catch Angad and Tejo. On the other hand angad and tejo reaches the party. Both of them start dancing at the party. Fateh also features in the same party get surprised to see that angad and tejo are present there.

It will be very interesting to know that what will be happening well Jasmine will come to the party. The makers of the show are coming up with a very interesting twist in each and every episode which is the audience tuned to the show. To get the latest update to stay tuned with us.

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