Kundali Bhagya episode 16th December 2021: Preeta meets Mahesh, will destiny bring Preeta again to the Luthra house?

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta reaches the clinic the staff comes and tells her that they have no electricity and they are checking that where is the problem . Preeta goes and opens the window some people come over there and tells her to close all the windows and doors because a mental patient has entered there.

Preeta goes into a room and she starts screaming. Mahesh tells Preeta to save him he tells her to save the family otherwise the family will get destroyed. The staff come so that they had to take Mahesh. Preeta ask them to leave him. But they does not listen to her Preeta asks why are they behaving like this with Mahesh because he is absolutely fine and there is no problem with him.

Mahesh scream and tells preeta to save him. She remembers how once Mahesh found her crying and he told her that he always wanted a daughter. And how he promised her that he will always play the role of her father and will never let her realise that her father is not with her.

Preeta follows Mahesh she reaches the mental hospital she asks the doctor that why are they behaving like this with Mahesh she finds that they are giving electric shock to Mahesh.Later preeta asks this stuff that why are they doing all this because Mahesh is absolutely fine.

The staff asks her to speak to the doctor the doctor asks her how does she know about Mahesh. She tells that she is the daughter of Mahesh. The doctor asked her to come in the cabin and sit. He tells that how can it be possible because if she is the daughter of Mahesh you should know what happen to him.

She tells that she she was not with him for a long time that’s why she does not know anything. The doctor tells her that he has become a mental patient he tells that he is trying his best to do the treatment . Preeta doctor weather can meet Mahesh. The doctor tells that they have already left for the house Preeta gets shock.

She gets out of the hospital and goes to her clinic the nurse welcomes her and Preeta tells to send the patients. Peter keeps on thinking about Mahesh. She tells the nurse that they should call Dr Anand 1 hour before because due to some emergency work she has to leave.

Shristi calls her and asks whether she will order some snacks. Preeta tells that she has some important work that’s why she won’t be able to come to the home at the right time she tells that they should have the snacks and they should wait for her.

Preeta asks an auto to take her to the Luthra House on the other hand sarla, beeji and Janki speaks to each other. Sister comes there and tells sarla that she spoke to Preeta and she has told that she will be late because she has to visit a patient house.Sarla tells it is absolutely ok.

Shristi tells that she does not think that it is absolutely ok because she was speaking to her she found something fishy. Shristi tells that she is afraid that preeta will again involve in the matters of lutra house. She tells that she has already forgotten everything because it has been two years but Janki tells that Srishti still can’t forget the Luthra’s.

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