Meet S01 20th December 2021: Manushi decides to enter into meet ahlawat’s life


Meet it comes out of the house and finds that there is a car which is decorated and her name is written on it. Meet ahlawat comes there and tells her that he has her saying to her mother that the wedding was not for her because it was ready to marry her sister Manushi.

Meet tell him that it is very bad to hear someone speaking. On the other hand Manushi questions Kunal that why did he did like this to her. Manushi tells him that he only loves money and he does not love her and he was doing all this on the first day.

Kunal tells that she has also betrayed her family many times, he says that Manushi was about to marry me but she thought that he is richer than him and that’s why she was about to get into relationship with him. Kunal says that it is now hard time to pay the price because she has done bad with her family also.

Manushi asks him that why is he doing like this because he is already rich. She holds his collar and tells that she will take revenge on all says that she can do nothing because there is no proof. He says that his original name is Kunal and not parth.

He says that his name is Kunal and in the marriage certificate it is named parth he says that he has also told me Pandit not to tell anyone anything. Kunal says that on the other hand they also don’t have any photos of their marriage so they have no proof, to file a case against him.

He pushes Manushi and beats her on the head with a rod. Ragini and Sunaina finds that meat is packing her luggage. They give the dress that they have brought for her. They tell her that when they will be returning fun they had about both of them will be one.

Babita and Rajvardhan waits for meet and her husband. Isha asks them to come and see the surprise they get surprised to see that a decorated car is standing outside the house. Meet ahlawat tells me that it is a Barat for her she gets happy.

Dadi asks the band party to play the band. On the other hand Manushi turns home, and finds that no one is at home she hears Ram and Lakshman speaking that meet is going to Rajasthan for honeymoon. She leaves from there and reaches the ahlawat house.

Meet 20th December 2021

Manushi finds that everyone is celebrating because meet is going for honeymoon. Rajvardhan asks them to leave because they will be late for the flight. Meet and her husband reaches Rajasthan, with sleeps she wakes up after sometime and says that she was very excited for the flight.

Meet ahlawat it asks the driver that how much time it will take to go to the hotel the driver tells that it will take 15 minutes. Meet ask him to stop the car her husband asks that why will they stop the kam it says that she wants to go to the washroom.

Meet ahlawat , ask the driver to stop the car Manushi gets in danger because she has been following the car. She finds that meat ahlawat is coming near to the car gets afraid that what will happen if he finds her over there following them.

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