BhagyaLakshmi 20th Dec 2021:Shocking! Malishka gives the wedding card to Rishi

bhagya lakshmi

Lakshmi gets to know from the Chef that Rishi loves cupcakes like Karishma. Lakshmi brings it to the room and starts finding Rishi. Rishi comes out of the washroom in the towel. Lakshmi turnaround Rishi asks her to turn the other side.

The towel Falls and both of them turns around. Lakshmi gets out and finds that The Chef speaking to his daughter. Rishi was there and ask the chef to leave the chef tells that he has to make the cupcakes people leaving riddles that will make the cupcakes and he can leave.

Lakshmi asks Rishi that whether he knows to make the cupcakes he says yes. Rishi asks her to learn while she has him making the cupcakes. We and the watches both of them and get happy. Rishi put Lakshmi’s hair behind her ears and both of them comes close to each other.

Rishi puts some cupcakes banter on Lakshmi’s hair she says that he has boiled all her here and both of them starts running after each other. This stop seeing Virendra over there. Virendra asks Rishi to call his mother to the kitchen. Rishi inform his mother that Virendra is calling her.

Neelam goes to the kitchen and Virendra also puts some cupcake banter on her here and ask her to do the same to him. On the other hand Lakshmi comes cleaning her hair. Rishi tells that now he has got to know that she also takes revenge. He says that Virendra came over there at the right time and save him.

Lakshmi tells him to think that then what will happen if he does any mistake intentionally. Rishi says that he is ready for any punishment. Lakshmi asks him to think before he says. Sudeep comes over there and tells them that Karishma is calling them.

Bani asks Shalu whether she is waiting for any call, Shalu says that she will not speak to Ayush.Bani tells that she has not even taken his name. Shalu asks her to consented in her mission. Malishka arrives, Karishma welcomes her home.Rishi tells to Malishka that they can leave to office together while discussing.

Lakshmi asks them to have breakfast. Malishka agrees to have the breakfast, she gives the box to Rishi ,Rishi final that it is the wedding card he gets shocked and asks her that is she mad.Neelam comes there than Rishi leaves box. Letter on Rishi takes Malishka to his room and asks whether she has gone mad.

Rishi says that what would have happened if someone would have find the box. Malishka gets angry but she recalls what her mother had said to her. She keeps calm.

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