Kundali Bhaya Episode 15th December 2021:Preeta returns after 2 years

Kundali Bhagya

Shrithi tells that beeji is again fighting with the newspaperman.Sarla tells that she is like that only. Shristi questions about preeta sarla tell that she is getting ready to leave for the clinic. Janki also requests sarla to tell preeta to stay at home as she has just returned from Bangalore.

Sarla says that preeta will not listen to them. Sarla tells shristi that she is making the favorite dishes of preeta. She tells her to call preeta. Shristi knocks the door. Preeta opens the door,preeta gets ready to go to the clinic. Preeta tells her that she missed her so much. Srishti says that Preeta lying.

Preeta tells that she returned only because she got transferred or else she was happy in Bangalore. Shristi asks her that that does she still feels guilty about the Luthra’s. She tells that the city is not only of the Luthra’s.She tells that they also belong to the same city.

Sarla brings breakfast.  Janki tells Preeta that Luthra’s also faced so much in these two years. Sarla explains that Janki means that preeta holded the family together and now she is not there everyone must have faced difficulties. Sarla feeds her and Srishti. They hug Sarla.

Beeji comes there and tells them that they have forgotten her. Sarla tells Janki to bring the tiffin box of preeta. Preeta tells Shrishti to give the paper she kept on the table. Preeta takes blessing and leaves for the clinic.

Preeta stops an auto and helps an old lady. Then she helps one beggar, the beggar thanks her . She tells that she has not done anything big. The beggar tells her that she can’t see but she can see that preeta’s heart is so big which is filled with love and pain.

She tells that destiny has brought her to the city,preeta loses her address she follows it but loses it. She gets relieved after seeing the clinic in front of her. she recalls that how she reached Mumbai first time with Srishti.

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