Kundali Bhagya episode 27 December 2021 Promo:What ! Preeta reveals that she is the owner of the Luthra house

Kundali Bhagya episode 27 December 2021

Kundali Bhagya episode 27 December 2021: in the upcoming episode of serial Kundali Bhagya highvoltage drama will be seen. So far it is seen that Preeta reaches the Luthra mansion, everyone gets shocked to see her Kareena asks that why has she came to the house.

Kritika informs everyone that actually she and Rakhi went to see a doctor in the clinic and as their case was an emergency so the clinic has sent Preeta as a doctor and asked her to take care of Rakhi. Preeta goes and prays to God she asks Prithvi that why is he there and what is he doing over there.

Prithvi tells that she was always an idiot and now after two years she has become more idiot. Prithvi tells that now he is the owner of the house and the business. Before Preeta could say anything else to him Rakhi ask her to come with her. Rakhi takes her to the room and she asks her to take the first aid box.

Prithvi signals Sherlyn and ask her to take Natasha and Karan to the room. Sherlyn asks Natasha to take a Karan to the room and take care of him. Natasha goes to him but Karan denies to go with her and goes upstairs himself.

Preeta starts doing the first date for her, Rakhi says that everything has been finished and they are on facing problems after she has left the house. Preeta says that there is no need to worry because now she is back to the Luthra house and field make everything fine.

On the other hand Kareena says that she can see preeta in that house and she can’t see her in front of her, with the cartels that she always loved her as a sister but for now she does not have any feelings for her. She says that now she is only a doctor for her.

Preeta and Rakhi comes over there which we ask her to leave as soon as possible from that house. She says that he does not like waste of money and he he throws some money and gives it to her.Preeta, says that if he took rakhi to the clinic then maybe it would have been more cheap.

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