Bhagya Lakshmi Weekly Update: WHAT! Rishi marries Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi

In the latest track the wedding of malishka and rishi is going on. Malishka is ready to marry rishi in any condition. Rishi also decides to get married to her without telling Lakshmi. She makes a wedding card and gives it to rishi.

Lakshmi finds the wedding card with Rishi and Malishka’s name with today date and she feels shocked. Rishi gets angry beacuse malishka made the wedding card even after he told her not to do all this.

Viraj and his grandfather come there they give the shagun to malishka and leaves. She tells them to fix the wedding date as soon as possible. After they leave rishi asks that why is she doing all this.

She tells him that he doesn’t want to marry her then she must at least plan for her safety. Rishi tells that he is ready to get married the very next day.

Later on, after he reaches home Lakshmi asks him about the wedding card as his name written on the card. He lies that it is only a printing mistake. He tells her that she is very happy.

He tells her to sleep. But in the sleep she gets a bad dream where she sees some one taking rishi from her.Lakshmi asks him to stay at home. Rishi says he got late and has to leave for his important meeting. 

In the upcoming episodes, Malishka thinks she will marry to Rishi. The padit ji will Neelam that Markesh dosh is overpowering Rishi’s kundali. Neelam gets worried for her son.

Neelam tells Lakshmi what the pandit had said. Rishi ties sehra on his face and sits with Malishka to marry her. Lakshmi promises her that nothing will happen to her son. Lakshmi reaches Malishka’s place and gets shocked seeing Rishi and Malishka getting married.

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