Anupama Spoiler Alert: Malvika’s entry , Vanraj meets Anupama


Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode. The audience is also ready to welcome Malvika to the show. The audience is very excited to know that who will play the role of Malavika in the show. The show has always been in the top 5 TRP list.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that vanraj wears a black suit he tells Kavya that whenever he wears the black suit Leela puts a ‘Kala tika’ on him. Anuj gets excited thinking that he will be meeting Malvika after so many years. Anupama also visits the party.

Anupama and vanraj meets in the party. He asks Anupama that how is he looking. Anupama tells that he is looking a bit different. He tells that he is looking different because his life is going to change in the upcoming times.

So far it is seen that Anupama has started staying with Anuj in the same house to take care of him. Anuj kids to know that Malvika is in Ahmedabad while he reads the newspaper. Anupama tries to tell what she feels for Anuj, but he asks her to bring a glass of water because he gets emotional.

GK and Hasmukh find Anupama and Anuj very happy both of them thinks that Anuj and Anupama both are idiots because they can’t express their feelings to each other. GK starts thinking that after Malvika comes problems will increase.

Anuj tries to reach Malvika, at last Malvika picks up the call Anuj gets happy speaking to her he says that he loves her alot. He asks Malvika to meet him. Malvika says that she will not meet him now and this is the punishment for not picking up her call. She tells that she will meet him in the hotel.

Anupama overhears the conversation and gets upset she leaves from There She Goes to the kitchen and start thinking that who is Malvika. She tells herself that she should not think about all this, because if there is anything that she needs to know then Anuj will tell her.

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