Aneri Vajani to enter as Malvika in Starplus Daily Soap Anupama

Aneri Vajani

Aneri Vajani is ready to enter the Star Plus daily soap Anupama. According to the media and news reports Aneri will be entering the show as Malvika will play the role of Anuj Kapadia’s(Gaurav Khanna) sister.

The fans were already very excited with the entry of Aneri into the show. The show has always been in the top 5 TRP list and the show is one of the most-watched TV serials.

The relation between Anupama and Anuj may change after the entry of Malvika in the show. In the recent episodes It is seen that Anuj gets back from the hospital. Anupama shifts to stay with Anuj at his place so that she can take care of her completely.

Anupama decides to tell Anuj that she is ready to think about their relationship. In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama starts dreaming of her new life with the anuj. Anuj also gets happy and starts dancing.Later Hasmukh visits Anupama.

Anupama tells him that she needs to speak to him about something she tells him that she is afraid that what will happen if we again becomes dependent on anuj. He asks her that she should not think about all these and should try to move ahead in her life.

Anupama decides to tell Anuj that she is ready to think about them. And at that moment Anuj gets to know from the newspaper that Malvika is in Ahmedabad. He tries to reach out Malvika. At first Malvika does not pick up his call but ultimately she picks up his call.

Anuj tells her that he loves her very much. Malvika asks that why he did not receive her call since the last few days. Anuj says that he is very excited to meet her after such a long time. She asks Malvika to meet him Malvika tells that she will not meet him now because this is his punishment for not picking up the call.

Malvika decides to meet Anuj in the hotel. On the other hand Kavya finds that vanraj is very happy she thinks that neither he has got any good job not anything good has happened to them then why is he happy.Vanraj tell Kavya that he has sent his suit and her gown for dry wash and she should collect it once it comes.

Kavya starts thinking that why has he sent it for dry wash. On the other hand Anupama goes to the kitchen and starts thinking that who is Malvika. She thinks that she should not think all this because if there is anything that she needs to know then Anuj will tell her.

The makers are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode. Upcoming episodes of serial Anupama will be very interesting because in the upcoming episodes Malvika will enter the show. Stay tuned with us for latest spoilers and updates of the show and keep on watching anupama.

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