Anupama S01 Ep 444 ,11th December 2021 Update


The nurse tells everyone that they should leave beacuse the time is up.GK tells that he willl not leave .the nurse tells that only 2 person can stay over there.Vanraj says to GK that he must go because there are lots of work in the hospital.Vanraj and anupama stays from there.

Husmukh looks at vanraj and vanraj asks that what is he seeing .Husmukh tells that today after a long time he is feeling as if his son vanraj is back.Vanraj gets happy.Leela starts praying to god.Kavya thinks that what is her husband doing in the hospital.

She asks leela that why is vanraj not returning from hospital and here he went to the hospital. Leela tells that she should stop thinking about values and pray to God for Anuj. Kavya tells that vanraj could have sent Paritosh or samar to the hospital.

Kinjal, Nandini and Pakhi comes there and asks Leela that what is Kavya saying. Kavya tells that she does not trust her husband. She tells that how can it be possible that a person who was the enemy and now has become a good friend of that person now.

Nandini asks her to stop telling bad things about vanraj Kavya says that they does not even know what vanraj is up to. Kinjal ask her to stop blaming vanraj. Kavya says that they does not even know what he’s planning about. She says that he never does anything without a reason.

Anupama suddenly finds that Anuj is feeling uncomfortable. She informs the doctor and the doctor comes there and starts the treatment. Anupama starts crying. Kavya finds that everyone is returning home she asks that where is vanraj. Paritosh tells that he is in the hospital helping Anupama.

Kavya asks why he is in the hospital Paritosh tells that because only two person can stay in the hospital. Kavya start saying that why cant he stay over there Paritosh ask had to stop all this drama. On the other hand feels nervous for Anuj.

Pakhi brings coffee for everyone. Pakhi, Paritosh and samar sits together and speaks about their family she says that sometimes it feels like all the problems of the world is only in their house.Samar tells that it is only because they does not know how to celebrate the moment.

Pakhi and samar also tells Paritosh to think about Kinjal. They say to Paritosh that Kinjal is absolutely like Anupama she has taken all the responsibility when Anupama was not there in the house but now Paritosh has left her all alone.Samar tells Paritosh that he should take care of Kinjal.

Anupama ask the doctor whether Anuj is ok or not the doctor tells that he is absolutely ok this happens during the treatment. The doctor calls vanraj and tells that they nice to speak about something. The doctor and so inform them that they need not to worry because maybe they don’t have to do the operation.

GK gets a bad dream and wakes up. Hasmukh tells him that he need not to worry because everything will be OK. He says that he wants to go to the hospital Hasmukh scolds him and tell that if he behave like a kid then he will also have to scold him.

On the other hand Anupama thinks that why has Anuj done all these things that what would have happened if something would happen to him. She speaks to herself that in the college days all this Where ok because they are very young but now it is very risky for them.

Vanraj watches Anupama and thinks that Anupama is a perfect wife, a perfect mother and also a perfect friend. He thinks that she has always supported him in every stage of life. He also understands that the feeling that Anupam has for Anuj is not only your friendship it is more than that.

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