Anupama S01 12th December 2021 Spoiler Alert


Vanraj finds anupama speaking to anuj .Anupama tells anuj that she will again scold him and she will not think that that who is in front of them be it the doctor or nurse .She tells that she will scold him for fighting with the goons all alone.

Vanraj comes there and sits with anupama.Vanraj tells her to have some water.He says that the doctor told that anuj will be ok now.Anupama tells that she can trust no one unless anuj gets back his senses.Vanraj tells that he wants to say something to her.

Vanraj tells that he was not able to move on after divorce he agrees that he has always atopped anupama from going ahead in life but now he wants her to move ahead.He tells Anupama that the felling that she has for him is not only friendship .

Vanraj tells anupama to start a new life with anuj he tells anupama to stop thinking what society wiill trell and what others will think about her.Vanraj says that anupama should express her self.He tells that he never like to praise anyone but today he is telling her that anuj is perfect for her.

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