Anupama S01 29th December 2021 :Malvika tells anuj and anupama to get married

Anupama 29th December 2021

Vanraj and anupama sees each other.They speak on call and says their restaurant is going to be best from each other. Vanraj asks anupama that whether she told seriously about the competition or not.Anupama tells that she was serious about the competion.

Both of them starts speaking about the past life.Vanraj apologizes to anupama for the mistakes he made in the past.Vanraj says to Anupama that even after getting separated they are connected with each other. While, talking Anupama expresses her love for Anuj. 

Vanraj tells her to tell anuj about her feelings for him.Anupama says that now she will only look after her professional life and later on she will tell her feelings to anuj.Vanraj tells Anupama that he is only focusing on his work. Anupama says that she is also doing the same thing he gets impressed by her.

Anuj decides to give a gift to malvika. Later on Malvika invites Anupama for Christmas party. Anupama says that it will be her first Christmas party because she never had a dinner party before in her life. Malvika tells Anupama about her first Christmas party and gets emotional.


Anupama tells her not to get emotional as a new family is with her.She also invites anupama to the party.Malvika asks Anupama to bake carrot cake for all. Anuj come and decide to surprise Malvika on the occasion of Christmas.Anupama agrees to make the cake.

Malvika asks anuj and anupama that why both of them are not getting married.Both get suprised to listen her.After all this malvika tells the shahs that they will be celebrating Christmas with the family. Everyone gets excited to know that they will be celebrating the Christmas.

Jignesh and Hasmukh starts fighting that who will become the centre. Malvika ask Leela to participate in the preparations of Christmas. Leela agrees to help everyone in decorating the house. Leela helps Kinjal and samar in decorating the house.Vanraj returns home and feels good the whole family is happy.

High Voltage drama will be happening in the upcoming episodes of anupama.The makers are coming up with interesting twist in each and every episode.To gets the latest spoilers and updates stay tuned with us and keep on watching anupama on starplus.

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