Anupama 30th December 2021 Promo Update


In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Anuj asks Anupama that whether she is in love with him. Anupama feels shy .Later on, the shahs get ready to celebrate Christmas. And during the party malvika tells husmukh to let anuj and anupama get married.Everyone gets shocked.

In the latest episode, it is seen that anupama and vanraj speak to each other. Anupama says that vanraj should focus on his work. Both of them start speaking to each other. He asks Anupama that is she serious about the competition, she says that she is serious about the competition.

Vanraj tells anupama to tell his feelings to anuj. Anupama tells that she should now only focus on her career. He also reduced her he says that now he is only focused on this work.Later Malvika tells Anuj and Anupama, that both of them were single but why both of them are not getting married.

Malvika tells Anupama and Anuj to propose each other. Both of them feels shy. Malvika goes to the house and tells everyone that they will be celebrating Christmas Day. Jignesh and Hasmukh both start fighting that who will become a santa.

Malvika requests Leela to participate in decorating the house as she wants all the family members to come together and celebrate. Leela helps Kinjal and samar in decorating the house.Vanraj returns home and feels very happy finding the whole family is together.

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