Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert :Fateh and Jasmine to get married


High Voltage drama is going on in serial udaariyan. In the upcoming episode of Big twist is waiting for the audience.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen Jasmine prepares for her wedding. But all the family members denies to go and attain Jasmine’s wedding.

The family members start with the wedding rituals of jasmine but in between they leave and start attaining the preparations of tejo’s wedding.

Jasmine gets to know about this and she gets Furious. She destroys all the stuffs. And she asks all the guests to leave the house.

Fateh comes and makes Jasmine understand. Tejo gets shocked seeing fateh and Jasmine together.

In the upcoming episode Fateh and Jasmine will soon get married in the serial Udaariyan. Tejo will break her relationship with Angad Mann as soon as Jasmine gets married.

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