Bhagya Lakshmi 22 NOV 2021 : Lakshmi is in love with Rishi

bhagya lakshmi

Lakshmi tries to keep Rishi comfortable. Rishi wakes up and asks that what is she doing she says that she is helping him to sleep because the sun rays are falling on his face.

Rishi says that he has an urgent meeting and he have to leave. On the other hand Malishka thinks that why has Rishi not called him.

Malishka’s mother bring some milk for her. And at that moment malishka’s phone rings she thinks that it is Rishi. But she finds that it is Viraj.

She says that she is not willing to speak to village and cuts the call Viraj again calls her. Virat says that she is still angry. He asks for and good event manager number.

On the other hand Rishi takes out some files from the almirah. In one of the files he finds the bangle which Malishka gave it to him.

He finds that Lakshmi is working. He asks her to take rest and apply the medicines. Lakshmi feels good. Rishi’s mother asks him to have breakfast.

His mother says that he must go for a wedding.Rishi finds Lakshmi seeing him.Shalu enters the house she says that she wants to speak to Lakshmi.

Shalu and Aayush speak to each other. Devika asks Ayush that what is going on why is he flirting with Shalu. Shalu enters the room and meets Lakshmi.

Later on Sonia ask Devika not to say all these things to Aayush because they are one of the richest families in the country but still their family members are down to earth.

On the other hand Lakshmi tells Shalu how re she took care of her. Rishi reaches malishka’s house and says her that he loves her a lot.

She tells that she does not have time to listen to all this and asks for her purse. Rishi says to her why she getting jealous.

Malishka tells that she is not getting jealous. She says that how can it be possible that he loves her and he married an another girl.

Rishi reminds her that she came to the house to see him on the Diwali night. Malishka tells that she came because Virat wanted to see traditional Diwali.

Rishi says that this all excuses the truth is that she came there only to see him. Rishi consoles her and asks her to understand the condition.

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