Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alert: Tejo gets to know about Fateh’s Canada plan


Zee tv daily soap Udaariyaan is gearing up for a interesting twist in its upcoming episode. So far it is saying that it is Angad and tejo’s engagement party going on.

On the other hand fateh and Jasmine both are ready to get married. Fateh tells Jasmine about his plan to move to Canada after the wedding.

Jasmine gets excited thinking that both of them will be staying away in Canada and both of them will no longer have to see tejo’s face.

Unable to keep the secret with herself, Jasmine tells her friend that Fateh has planned to move to Canada after their marriage. And while speaking Tejo overhears the conversation and she gets shocked.

Later on Virk family gets to know that fateh has planned to leave the house, they all get upset with him for not informing the family and taking decision.

On the other hand Tejo asks angad to take her to such a place where there will be no one to recognise her. It will be very interesting to find out the what happens in the upcoming episodes.

Till that stay tuned with us for latest spoilers and updates. And keep on watching Udaariyaan. The viewers can now watch the episodes of the serial on voot.

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