Meet Episode 90,27th November 2021:OH NO! Will Meet Get Divorced?

Meet 27th November 2021

Babita asks meet about her sister Manushi. She tells her that Masoom’s friend has seen Manushi outside the house. She tells meet that she hates lie that’s why she wants to know what is the truth.

She asks me to take care of meet ahlawat. Meet tells Babita that actually meet ahlawat was not feeling to eat she ask her to feed him. She gets happy and goes to feed meet ahlawat.

Meet find Babita and meet ahlawat together and gets happy seeing that her husband is happy. Masoom catches her. She tells that she knows the truth.

She tells that she knows very well that anubha is planning to send Manushi to Delhi. She tells that whatever it is but she has betrayed her.

She tells that because of both of the sisters her brother is in pain. She gives the divorce papers to meet and ask her to give it to her husband.

Meet breaks down she thinks that how can she do like this. Meet makes Chabi understand all the medicines that she has to give to meet.

On the other hand meet ahlawat things that how can it be that meet has not came to the room from the morning. He starts missing her.

Meet stands outside the romantic watches him you also gets emotional and starts thinking that how can she tell about divorce to him.

Chabi gets confused with all the medicines and meet ahlawat tell her not to worry because meet will come and help him out.

He tries to call Meet but Masoom cuts the call she goes inside the room and give some medicine to him.Meet goes to the garden and water the plants.

Meet ahlawat comes to the garden finding meet he questions her that why she avoiding him from the morning. We get to know that Masoom has planned night party.

Meet ahlawat asks me to tell the reason whatever it is before 12 o’clock in the night. Meet starts thinking that how can she speak to him about divorce because happiness has just came to his life.

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