Meet Ep 80, 18th November 2021 Spoiler Alert


Lot of drama is going on in serial meet. Babita makes the decisions that she will be taking meet ahlawat home and do his treatment.

She slap meet thinking that she is responsible for her son’s condition but she Express her how she took the risk and saved his life.

In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to know what will be happening. According to the promo released on YouTube Babitha ask meet that where is the nurse.

Meet tells that she has send the nurse back. Babita asks that then who will take care of her son meet tells that she will be taking care of her husband.

Babita warns that there should be no problem and meet ahlawat should not suffer because of her neither he should have any problem.

Later on meet ahlawat gets this balanced and goes to fall Babita comes hearing the sound and finds that it might has already saved him. But she gets angry and screams on meet and asks that how will she take care of her son like this.

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