Kundali Bhagya Ep 18th November 2021: Sonakshi changes Preeta’s reports

Kundali Bhagya

The courier boy comes with the pregnancy report of Preeta Sonakshi college the report Rishabh finds that the courier boy is at the door.

He goes and collects the parcel before Sonakshi could do anything. He tells that he will be giving Ittu Preeta. After that biggest engaged in speaking to request.

Rishab finds Karan and things of informing him about the person that he has received. But unfortunately, Sonakshi does not let him do that.

Sonakshi goes to Karan and asks him that Karan should go to meet Pihu because she was calling him. Preeta thinks of asking Karan about the pregnancy reports.

She finds that Karan is going upstairs she follows him Rishab goes to speak to her but he could not. Karan goes to goes see Pihu and finds that she is sleeping.

Preeta watches both of them she tells that he should give the love to Pihu. On the other hand Sonakshi tries to take the envelope from Rishabh.

Sonakshi drags everyone’s attention and asks them to dance. Rishabh starts dancing with Sherlyn and then with Sonakshi Sonakshi very carefully takes out the envelope from reshapes Pocket.

She goes to the room and changes the report when Sherlyn Enter the room and tell that what is she up to. Sonakshi starts acting as if she doesn’t know anything.

Sherlyn ask her to tell the truth because you only want to know the truth from the beginning. On the other hand Preeta asks Rishabh about the envelope.

Rishabh unable to find the envelope says that how can it be possible that the envelope is not in his pocket. All of them start finding the envelope.

On the other hand Sonakshi will that Peter can become a mother and it is the report. Hearing this Sherlyn stands shocked. She says that how can this happened because the doctor told that she can’t be pregnant.

Sonakshi tells all the planning that she has done she says that it was she who has told the doctor to replace the report and tell Ilie to Preeta that she can’t become a mother.

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