Meet Ep 75,12th November 2021:Meet ahlawat tells meet not to return to the Ahlawat house


Meet ahlawat things that he should message from manushi’s mother’s phone. He messages her that her grandmother is not well and should come as soon as possible.

But before sending the message meet find him messaging. She asked that why did he tell lie to everyone. She asks him that what would have happened if her mother would have seen this message.

She says that everyone over there is thinking that they are happy in their relationship and no one knows the truth. How would her mother feel if she got to know the truth.

Meet ahlawat says that he does not care what anyone thinks of them he tell her that he loves Manushi and not her. He says that he need to get the answer of his questions.

Meet says that she knows that he needs to get the answers and she is also trying to find out her sister. He does not listen to all this he starts screaming and says that their relation is just fake.

He also adds that their relationship is a burden on everyone even on his family. He gets angry and leaves the house.Meet’s mother asks that what has happened. Meet tells that he is angry that’s why he left.

Her mother says that no she understood that the family will never accept her. She breaks down meat makes her understand that they need to give time to the family as well as him.

She says that he thought that he will be getting married to Manushi but he got married to her so it will take time for him and his family to accept her.

On the other hand she gets to know that Kunal is there in the locality. She finds out Kunal and starts beating him she asks that where is her sister.

Kunal says that the plan to run away but for some reason, the plan could not succeed and after that they don’t know that where is her sister.

Meet says that she is believing him but if she gets to know that Kunal is lying then she will not leave him.

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