Anupama Update : What! Leela asks anuj and anupama to get married


Anupama asks Anuj does he love her or not he says that he never wanted to tell the truth to her. But he told the truth to her family.

He says that he knows that she is upset and she will never excuse him for this mistake which he has done. He says that yes he loved her for the past 26 years.

On the other hand husmukh returns home and asks that is everything ok or not because no one is speaking about Anupama.

Samar goes to tell him about Anuj ,Anupama but Paritosh stops him he changes the topic, later on, he asks Paritosh that why did he stop him is have faith that he will bless Anuj and Anupama.

Anupama asks that Anuj loved her for 26 years. Anuja asks her to forget whatever has happened she says that how can she forget and he I loved her for last 26 years how can she forget eating 26 hours.

Anuj get shocked he loses all hope. Anupama ask him not to regret she thanks him for loving her unconditionally. She says that she can’t love him but both of them can become friends.

And gets emotional he starts crying Anupama shakes hands with Anuj and they become good friends.

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