Kundali Bhagya 9 Nov 2021 :Romantic! Karan and preeta spends time with each other

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta comes back after meeting Sherlyn Karan asks that what was she doing over there. She says that she was there to check whether Sanjana is ok or not.

Karan says to stop her lying. Preeta tells that yes she is lying Karan tells that she does not have to tell him if she does not want to tell. She says that he has become intelligent.

Karan tells that he is intelligent from beginning. Both of them start laughing then Preeta kiss Karan on his cheek. Karan feels happy.

Karan tells that if on Chhoti Diwali she gave this gift then what will happen in the bari Diwali. They reached home. Preeta starts decorating the house for Diwali.

Rakhi asks Karan that where is he do going he says that he is going to for practice because Rishab has asked him to go for practice regularly.

She asks Karan not to go to the practice and go to the market and buy some things. Sherlyn enters the house and wish everyone happy Diwali.

She tells Rishabh that she was unable to come to the court and she is sorry for that. He tells that there is no problem and ask that how is her mother she says that she is ok now.

Later on she gets a call from a person and she speaks on the phone and asks someone that how can she tolerate this when Prithvi is in the jail.

Rishab comes in the Roman that moment he asks whether he is speaking for Prithvi or not. She lies that no actually she was not speaking for him.

Rishabh starts doubting her but he decides that he will say nothing unless and until he confirms. On the other hand Preeta makes Rangoli with Srishti.

And when they finish making the rangoli Sonakshi enters a house and destroys the rangoli. Karan calls preeta and ask her to come to the room.

He says that he has a very good gift for her Preeta gets excited, both of them speaks to each other Sonakshi overhears all the conversation.Later on Sonakshi exchanges the gift that Karan has brought for Preeta.

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