Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Romantic ! Virat gives a rose to Sai

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ashwini reminds Ninad that how used to love her. Ninad also gets happy and says that you also loves Ashwini till now. Both of them tell their feelings for each other.

Ashwini thanks sai for reuniting both of them. The family gets happy to see both of them together once again. Ashwini and Ninad wish happy anniversary to each other.

All the family members starts clapping. Ninad says that it is due to Virat and sai that he understood how much he loves Ashwini.

Ninad then hugs Virat and Sai. After seeing that, Chavans gets happy.Ninad says that no one appreciated Ashwini, but she deserves it because she held the house together with love and care.

Ashwini expresses her gratitude for Sai. Ninad says that it is due to virat that everyone pays respect to him.Bhavani tells that she is happy as her children are happy.

Virat thanks Sai with a rose for bringing his parents back together.Devyani sees it and tells that she will say the truth to everyone that virat gave a rose to sai.

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