Bhagya Lakshmi episode 24 November 2021:Karishma apologize to Lakshmi

Bhagya lakshmi 24th november 2021

Bhagya lakshmi update

Rishi gets to know that Lakshmi is in tension. He goes to the Room and asks Lakshmi that why is she so tensed Lakshmi refuse to tell him but he tells her that he must know That’s why she feeling bad.

Lakshmi tells that she thinks that Karishma is upset with her that’s why she is in tension. Rishi ask her to stay over there and goes to speak to Karishma.

He questions Karishma that is she upset with Lakshmi or not. Karishma asks him that how does he know about all this. He asks Karisma to tell him what happened.

Karishma tells that yes she is upset with Lakshmi because she was never her choice her choice and the family’s choice was always Malishka.

If she tells her that he does not know but when he got to know that Lakshmi is upset he got tensed. He says that he does not know but he has started feeling for her.

Karishma understand that he is in love with Lakshmi. Karishma tell him that Lakshmi is there in that house only for one year after that they will get divorced.

On the other hand Lakshmi feels nervous she thinks her what will happen if she goes to Karishma to speak about all this.

Rishi says that when he heard the news that Lakshmi subsidy he immediately went up too her to ask that why she upset.

She asks Karisma that then why he could not feel that it is only one year after that they will get divorced. Dishes tells that this is because he cares for her.

Shalu tries to get a auto. Ayush comes there and both of them starts fighting. Shalu tell the policeman that Ayush was misbehaving with her.

Ranu arrived there and sees both of them she tells that why will they not argue because they are good friends so they can I give. The policeman goes from there.

Ranu places Aayush. Karishma and Rishi hugs each other. Karishma tells Lakshmi that she has realise the mistake that she has made and she apologize to her.

Lakshmi and Rishi both start feeling that they are feeling something different. Later on Lakshmi serves food to everyone. The family praises Lakshmi for making so tasty food.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that the dish that she has made it is not good for him because he has allergy. We should members how she spoke to her before that. She asks her to give the food because he wants to eat it and he also does not have allergy now. Karishma gets shocked.

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