Meet 24th November 2021, Ep 86: Hurray! Surprise Birthday Party for Meet

Meet 24th November 2021

Meet ahlawat tells me that she can’t go out. She asks that why is he not letting her go outside the room. Meet ahlawat makes an excuse that she wants to watch horror film.

He says that he want to watch horror film and while watching horror films he gets scared that he needs her. Meet starts laughing.

On the other hand meet’s friend bring some gift for her. He asks dadi that what gift will she be giving meet she tells that she will be giving a cactus to her as a gift.

She tells that meet is responsible for destroying the happiness of the family. Anubha asks her to stop accusing meat for each and every problem.

Meet ahlawat asks meet to switch on the television. He asks so good to that how are the preparations going on. He says that the preparations are all set.

Meet feels bad that no one has wished her a happy birthday. Meet ahlawat thinks that he knows very well that she is thinking about that why no one wished her.

Meet goes to leave the room but meet ahlawat stops her and says that she can go outside because now we want to do the exercise.

It has the exercise when Sunaina comes to the room meet ahlawat asks Sunaina to take me to outside the room. Meet gets prepared.

Manushi says dadi to go to the Mandir and pray to God.Dadi while living tells Manushi that she has gifted a cactus to make.

Manushi gets shocked because she has hidden the Jewelleries in the cactus.Dadi leaves for the Mandir Manushi details on all about what she has done.

Manushi starts crying, Kunal starts thinking that what can they do because if the jewellery is seen by meet ahlawat then he will easily understand the truth.

Kunal makes Manushi understand and Manushi decides to go and take the jewellery from the ahlawat house. On the other hand meet ahlawat surprise meet.

Meet gets emotional she says meet ahlawat to make her happy he has done such a good preparation . Guddu tells that they have one more surprise for her.

Meet gets surprised to see all the family members were there. Anubha bless meet. Afterwards Masoom asks Anubha that why is she looking uncomfortable.

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