Anupama Update ‘Big twist’:Anuj breaks his silence and confess his love for Anupama

Anupama update

Star Plus serial Anupama upcoming episode update-. High Voltage drama is going on in serial Anupama. A new promo has been released on Instagram which is going viral.

In the promo it is being seen that Anuj enters the house and asks the Shah’s to stop blaming and coma and torturing her he says that if they want to say anything they can say to him.

Anuj says that he is there only as a friend of Anupama.Vanraj start streaming on Anuj and holds his collar. He says that he is only telling that he is anupama’s friend.

He asks Anuj to say that he is not Anupama friend but he loves Anupama and Anupama loves him. At first Anuj keep quiet then he breaks his silence.

Anuj says that yes the truth is he loves Anupama he loves Anupama today and he loved Anupama 26 years ago also. Anupama overhears a conversation.

In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to know that what more twist and turns are waiting for the audience. The makers of Anupama coming with very interesting story in each and every episode.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama gets a house to stay she gets happy thinking that it will be her first own house.

Anuj gifts a keychain to Anupama where Anupama’s name is written. Anupama decides that this time she will be celebrating Diwali in her new house.

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According to another promo Dolly gets to know that Leela has sent Anupama out of the house she comes to the house and tells that how can they do this to Anupama.

She says that she is feeling ashamed of leela. Vanraj to stop and shut up he asks her to sign the property papers and take whatever she wants and in the relationship.

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