Anupama Episode 4th November 2021: Anuj and Anupama does shopping for Diwali


The landlord gives the keys to Anupama and says that she will do all the paperworks now. Hasmukh say to leela that there will be one day when she will be going to Anupama and asking her to come back.

Anuj gifts a keychain to Anupama ,Anupama gets happy to see that she asks that whether he knew that she will be getting the house.

Anuj says that he did not know that he she will be getting the house but he knew that there will be no problem because both of them and their today.

Vanraj asks Hasmukh to stop thinking about Anupama because she has left the house then why should they think about her and be upset.

Kavya says that she is the Lakshmi of the house now because she is the wife of his son. She says that she will be taking the whole responsibility of the house.

Kavya asks him to support her. Leela also agrees with her and says that Kavya is the daughter in law of that house now. Leela announce that due to Anupama she could not accept kavya’s the daughter in law.

On the other hand Anuj writes Anupamas name on the wall of the house Anupama gets happy I thinking that it is her house.

Anupama says that the God has given everything to her today. Anuj feels happy for Anupama. Both of them walks on the road. Anupama asks Anuj that whether he wanted to say something to her.

Anuj ask that how does she know that he want to tell something to her. Anupama says that she knows each and everything.

And finds that a woman is bargaining with the vendor for buying a Diya. Anupama goes and asks the women to buy it and not to again because these handmade things are made with lot of effort.

The woman tells that why should she not working Anupama says that when they buy 800 rupees Pizza they don’t think about the money.

And when their pain to someone poor they think about the money. Anuj asks Anupama to buy some Diya’s for his office and house.

Jignesh gets confused with Hasmukh’s medicines he says that he is an idiot. Hasmukh tells that he is not needed . Leela watches all this and asks Kavya to go and console him.

Leela tells that when Anupama was there she used to take care after everything. Kavya tells that when Hasmukh is not listening to his wife and son then why will he listen to her.

Anupama’s mother thanks Anuj for helping them. Devika reaches there and hugs Anupama. She starts crying Anupama asks that why she crying. Devika tells that she knows very well how hard it was for Anupama to do all this.

Anupama promises that she will never break Devika and Anuj’s hearts. Anuj asks both of them to get ready for the photo.

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