Anupama S1 Ep 23 November 2021: Shocking! Kavya acts innocent in front of Vanraj

Anupama 23 november 2021
Anupama 23 November 2021 written update

Kavya tells everyone that she has done no mistake. She tells that she was insecure because every one of the family only thinks about Anupama and not her.

Anupama tells Kavya that she has done a very big mistake. Anupama tells her that if she wanted the house she could have told in her children also have agreed to give her the house.

Kavya gets angry hearing on this from Anupama and ask her to keep quiet. Kavya tells everyone that the house his her own property but she is not telling them to go away from the house.

She says that she also wants to stay with the family. She asks them to come inside the house if they want. Anupam asks vanraj that what should they do.

Kinjal asks Kavya to speak properly Kavya asks her to keep quiet. Kavya says that Paritosh can’t do anything now because his mother-in-law has already thrown him out of the house.

Kinjal also blames him for his mistake. Kavya says that she will not stop anyone from staying together and and Anupama wants to come she can also come to her house. And she goes inside the house.

Vanraj gets afraid he thinks that he can’t let this happen. He goes and tells his kids and parents that they must not leave their own house.[Read more | Anupama Episode 429 :Vanraj decides to be a winner,Leela apologize to Anupama 👉👉👉]

He asks Anupama to make them agree because they will only listen to her. Anupama tells everyone that they should return to their house because that is the best thing to do.

Anupama explains to her children that vanraj maybe a bad husband but as a father he he always worries about his family. Anupama asks them to stay with the family.

One by one everyone understands that they should not leave the family and get inside the house. Anupama prays to God and asks to keep everyone happy.

Hasmukh find Anupama. Anupama and Anuj leaves. When Anupama finds that has more Hasmukh is coming. She asks Anuj to stop the car.

Hasmukh tells Anupama that he has two things to tell her. He says thank you to Anupama and sorry to Anupama. Anupama ask him to not to do like this.

Anupama starts crying she says that she wants him to stay with her but his son needs him the most at this time. Hasmukh makes Anupama understand that Anupama has always loved each and every one of the family unconditionally.

And now god is returning the love to Anupama. Anupama asks Hasmukh that what is he trying to say because she can’t understand anything. He says that god has sent Anuj to her life. Now it is hard decision whether she will accept Anuj in her life or not. Anupama stands shocked.

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