Anupama Episode 429 :Vanraj decides to be a winner,Leela apologize to Anupama

Anupama 24 november 2021

Hasmukh makes Anupama understand that she should allow Anuj in her life. He explains that Anuj and Anupama both are made for each other.

He tells that Anuj has been sent by Lord Krishna in Anupama’s life to give back the love that Anupama that she has given to the family but the family has never loved her.

Anupama says nothing and stands shocked. Hasmukh tells Anupama that she should go with Anuj. Anuj joins his hands and takes blessing from God.

Anuj tells Anupama that he knows she is in many problems but still he wants to say something to her. He says that it is her time and she must worry about herself now.

He tells Anupama that she should be grateful that after so much problems the family is still together. She asks whether she is coming with him.

Anupama and Anuj leave from there. Later on Vanraj walks on the road and imagines himself as a successful man. But suddenly he realizes the reality. He promises himself that he will be successful.

Hasmukh sits all alone Leela comes and tell him that he is sorry for what she has done. She asks him if he can also punish her for her mistake.

He says that the mistake she has done for that she has already got the punishment because she is no more the owner of the house.

After listening to this Leela gets shocked she holds his hand and asks him to forgive her. He leaves from their Leela gets unconscious.

On the other hand Anuj drops Anupama to the house. And ask her to come to the office a bit fast the next day because they have important meetings Anupama agrees.

Anupama gets to know from samar that Leela is not well She runs towards the house.Vanraj find Anupama running on the road and asks that what has happened.

Anupama tell him that Leela is not well and both of them gets inside the house. The doctor says that due to stress Leela got unconscious.

Leela tells Anupama that she wants to tell something to the family she asks Kavya to leave. Kavya gets shocked listening to this she asks that why will she leave.

She tells that she is a family but Anupama is not a family and to speak to an outsider leelai sending her outside the room.Vanraj ask Kavya to leave.

Kavya leaves the room. Leela tells Anupama sorry for whatever she has done. Anupama asks are not to say like this. Vanraj asks Leela to forget whatever has happened before.

Leela tells that how can she forget whatever has happened before. Anupama tells that every human being gets a second chance. Leela says that they all know very well that this is not the first time she has made the mistake.

Anupama asks Leela to forget everything and start a new life. Leela also tells Anupama also must promise her something.

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