Anupama Episode 426 :Kavya blames Anupama for all this


Anuj worries about anupama he thiks that why has anu not returned yet.He decides to call samar and get the information.

At the shah house anupama tells that she is not scared of vanraj aand why will she be scared beacuse it is their house and they should be afraid.

Anu says that kavya should be afraid of vanraj as she is his wife.Kavya blames anupama and tells that due to her husmukh lef th house.

She say that anupama planned all this and was intentionally celebrating in the dance academy that day because she knew that leela will get angry.

Anupama asks that why kavya did not stop leela from doing all this the.And what was she doing when husmukh decided to leave .

Kavya tells that she could do anything because husmukh accepts anupama his daughter and not her.Anu asks why it is that he donot accept her as the daughter.

Vanraj also asks the same question to her and she gets shocked.Kavya blames anupama and leela breaks her silence she tells her not to lie.

Leela say that it her mistake that her husband left the house.Vanraj tells that at last leela accepted her mistake.He says that she have to bring him back .And untill that he will not allow her to enter the house.

Suddenly he finds husmukh standing .He goes and hugs him and asks him to come back home. Hasmukh tells that he has came there but he can’t return home.

Leela comes in front and begs to him to return home she asks him not to punish others because of her. She apologize for her mistake and says that it was she who had insulted him.

Hasmukh tells that it is no more possible for him to come back to the house. He says that if he come back then also he will be not able to enjoy the time with the family.

Leela tells that it was Kavya who has manipulated her Kavya thinks that how can she do like this and make her responsible for all the mistakes that she has made.

Kavya comes and tells that this is not possible because she is lying. She says that it is not true that it she was responsible for all this because Leela has done all this.

Vanraj ask Kavya to shut up he says that he can’t remember one single day after she came to that house that they were happy.

Kavya tells that she It is not responsible for all this. She tells that it is Anupama who is responsible.Vanraj tell that why does she always take anupama’s name in each and every thing.

He says that he has told before that Anupama and Anuj are not members of their family and they must not be worried about what they do. Then while she taking their name repeatedly.

Vanraj questions her that Anupama has done every mistake and she has done nothing. Kavya tells that she has done nothing half mistake is anupama’s and the rest of the mistakes are done by his parents.

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